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PCR Workstations

PCR Prep Stations are smaller laminar flow compartments that decrease the risk of sample contamination while carrying out polymerase chain reaction experiments.

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Synergy-Bio PCR workstations are manufactured to create a personal clean zone allowing the operator to amplify RNA and DNA while minimizing the potential contamination from airborne contaminants.


  • PCR Workstation combines UV light and HEPA-filtered air for maximum sample protection.
  • HEPA-filtered air with UV light irradiation for the ultimate DNA/RNA manipulation and amplification work area.
  • UV light and UV shelf for enhanced irradiation of supplies.
  • Unique interlocking sash with a safety overlap to prevent gaps in the sash.
  • Polypropylene base reflects ultraviolet energy and is easily cleaned.
  • The UV light gets turned off automatically by a sash safety switch, which activates the blower when the sash is raised.


  • Class 100 vertical laminar flow air
  • 15-Minute UV light timer
  • Clear polycarbonate construction with chemically impervious polypropylene work surface
  • UV shelf with integrated pipette holder
  • The electrical cord pass-through port
  • Sash position switch and overlap to prevent UV light exposure


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