Operation Theater LAF

Operating theater LAF systems function to reduce the airborne bacteria in surgical theaters. The system is manufactured to provide controlled distribution of biologically clean air at the surgical room while reducing the risk of contamination from outside.

Our operation theatre airflow systems achieve optimal results by using a combination of air, HEPA filters, air distributors, and the mechanical structure (plenum, canopy). The results of the above technical expertise offer almost turbulent-free and ultra-clean air.


• Sterility in an operating theatre is imperative for ensuring that patients are protected from life-threatening infections. Synergy-Bio Operating Theater LAF meets the required demands for hygienic working conditions.

• The CG- system creates an exceptionally homogeneous laminar flow with extremely light turbulence. Any contaminants are extracted directly before the airflow into the area. This means that the operating area is fully isolated within the surrounding room, efficiently preventing any contamination by bacteria or virus-laden air.

• The low degree of turbulence provides a pleasant working environment for the medical staff.


The use of laminar airflow along with special air distribution screens (CG-screen) and HEPA filters sets the ground for ultra-clean air and today’s potentially possible germ (CFU) free environments.

The unidirectional flow of clean air ensures protection from outside contamination and the prevention of internal contamination from the individuals in the operation theatre.


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