Laminar Air Flow Hoods

A Laminar Flow Hood is designed to protect apparatus and other equipment used in sensitive experiments from contaminants. Laminar Flow Cabinets are typically manufactured to protect the working area only. They do not offer operator protection.

Synergy-Bio sets high standards in quality, design, innovation, and service of our laminar airflow cabinets range. We incorporate innovative design, excellent construction, and unparalleled reliability while using sustainable components to produce the most energy-efficient and cost-effective LAF hoods.


• Microprocessor Controlled System
• Soft-touch Controls for Blower, Light, UV, and socket.
• Real-time display of air velocity.
• Timer enabled Blower and UV operation.
• Intelligent microcontroller system for UV,
• blower operation and HEPA ­filter with clog monitoring.
• 16 Digits LCD screen/ 4 “Touch screen LCD display.
• Direct Drive centrifugal fan with extended working hours, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, and stepless speed regulation.
• The speed regulation is reliable, and the air ­flow is maintained constant when the HEPA filter works at final pressure.
• The ideal solution for ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) applications of high
• cleanliness requirements.
• It is equipped with a highly sensitive air velocity sensor for enhanced accurate monitoring of the airflow.


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