Dry Bath Incubator

A dry bath incubator is used to heat samples in a variety of applications. Most dry bath incubators are made of an aluminum alloy, which allows the distribution of heat in a uniform manner. Also known as dry block heaters, these devices are widely used in molecular biology and clinical and environmental laboratories.

We offer digital and analog dry baths, which are ideal for a variety of applications, including Sample preparation
Enzyme preservation
Enzyme-substrate reactions
DNA amplification
Electrophoresis gel degeneration
Serum coagulation


• Digital controls, display of time and temperature
• Enhanced internal temperature sensing probe for excellent temperature accuracy and control
• Accurate temperature monitoring
• Temperature calibration allows offsetting the temperature to the desired value
• The timer allows the user to monitor the heating time accurately.
• A wide range of interchangeable aluminum alloy heat blocks deliver versatility and enable simple cleaning and disinfecting
• Powder-coated steel body construction confirms endurance
• Sample and user safety is guaranteed


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