CO2 incubators

CO2 incubators deliver a superior cleanroom compatible solution where cultures can grow in a controlled, secure environment. The variable oxygen control gives way for accurate control of the culture environment, which is vital, especially with more sensitive cells.

We deliver CO2 incubators with established reliability, exceptional contamination prevention, and ideal growing conditions.


Automatically circulates heat uniformly to all interior surfaces and swiftly returns to chosen operating conditions
Simplifies cleaning without the need for autoclaving
Eliminates biological contaminants
Gauges electrical resistance corresponding to the thermal conductivity of gas traveling over the sensor
Low maintenance
High temperature resistant
CO2 sensor incorporates humidity compensation for improved stability and recovery.


ISO Class 5 HEPA filtration to safeguard from airborne contamination. The proven overnight 180 C sterilization cycle keeps the environment protected against contamination.


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