Company Profile


Who Are We?

Synergy-Bio Pvt. Ltd. is a multifaceted pioneer in manufacturing laboratory and medical equipment and providing diagnostic testing services. We focus on providing clients with a range of innovative scientific solutions to address their technical requirements.

Established in 2010, we have come a long way from the humble beginnings of manufacturing safety laboratory hoods. Along the way, we partnered with reputable laboratory supply dealers and expanded our range of products. Today Synergy-Bio is the trusted partner of several leading government and private organizations.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Malabe, Sri Lanka, and we are in the process of expanding our facilities to other areas of the country. We are continually following international trends and cutting-edge technology, in-level with the up-to-date advances of the industry.

What We Make?

Our products range from Biosafety Cabinets, Reagent Tool Kits to Integrated Systems. We continue to reinforce our product portfolio and develop new products for additional markets.

Our incentive is to optimize invention and manufacturing technology to enable our clients to carry out laboratory research safely and effectively. For this purpose, we implement a certified quality control system and a unified production model to ensure that the manufacturing is in accordance with high-quality operating standards.

We offer state-of-the-art DNA testing and analysis services for Human identity testing, Animal parentage and disease identification, to GMO food testing.

Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, understanding customer needs, and providing high-quality services. Contact us with your commercial or laboratory requirements, and we guarantee to provide you with the best equipment the industry has to offer.