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As high-quality scientific lab equipment manufacturers, we provide the best the industry has to offer. Set up for success and shop with us for essentials in your laboratory.

Medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Synergy-Bio takes the lead among superior and reliable medical equipment manufacturers in Sri Lanka, offering world-class medical equipment for a reasonable price.

Laboratory Consumables

We are one of the most reliable laboratory consumables suppliers in the nation, offering solutions to all your laboratory research-based requirements.

Our Services

At Synergy-Bio, we offer a range of accurate and reliable testing services from Private Paternity Testing, Canine Disease Diagnosis to GMO Testing.

DNA Based Human Identity Testing

We offer accurate DNA Typing and Testing services, assuring confidentiality every step of the way in the following areas:
- DNA Paternity Testing
- Human ID Card Services
- Forensic DNA Testing

GMO Food

We use Real-time PCR tests for seed samples and food samples to identify the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Human Disease Diagnosis

We carry out infectious disease testing and diagnosis using conventional PCR and Real-time PCR testing technology, enabling early detection and treatment of diseases.

Animal Parentage and Disease Testing

Synergy-Bio offers Canine Parentage Testing services providing accurate and scientific backing to your dog’s pedigree. Our cost-effective and reliable Animal Disease Testing Service utilizing PCR technology will help early diagnosis of diseases in domestic and farm animals.