Welcome to Synergy-bio the biotechnology specialists.


We specialize in commercial propagation of plants in-vitro known as Plant Tissue Culture and lab equipment manufacturing.


Synergy-bio is located in Kottawa, Sri Lanka, a country known as a hot spot of bio diversity. The company was established in 2010 and since then we are constantly following international trends and cutting edge technologies, keeping us abreast of the latest innovations in  this industry.


Our customers range from those engaged in the plant nursery industry, agriculture industry to the scientific community.


We have a wide range of cultivars available for grow-to-order production, and can also offer restricted propagation services for licensed or new varieties. We provide a broad range of varieties to Sri Lankan markets at prices lower than those of foreign laboratories  


We manufacture highest quality laboratory equipment at the lowest possible price. We carry a complete line of high quality new instruments with novel technologies for various types of laboratory requirements. Synergy bio services what it sells. Synergy-bio products come with a one year warranty and the quality is guaranteed. As our products are designed and manufactured in Sri Lanka we offer competitive pricing with substitutes available in the market   


If you have any commercial or laboratory requirements you can come across more details by navigating our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have further questions we would love to hear from you.


You can obtain further details of our products by visiting our website AT www.synergybio.lk  or by  contacting us on our hotline 


Synergybio is proud about itself on providing quality products, excellent service, and expert technical support to our customers.

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